Education and Learning

Special Educational Needs (SEN) Support

Do you think that your child needs extra support in school? Find out what they are entitled to here

Home/School Communication

Are you finding it difficult to communicate with school about your child's needs? Find out your options here

Jargon Buster

Keep hearing unfamiliar terms and job titles? Find out what they all mean here

Choosing a School

Not sure what school can meet your child's needs? Find out ways to determine this here


Need a transport solution for your child to get to and from school? Find out your options here

For School Staff

Do you work in a school and want to know more about how you can support children with SEN? Find out more from our resources here

Challenging Behaviour

Is your child displaying challenging behaviour at school? Are they being excluded? Find out your options here


Do you feel it's time to consider applying for an EHCP? Find out everything you need to know here

Alternative Education Choices

Not sure that a school setting is fit for your child's needs? Find out other options here

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