Difficulties at Home

We understand that some children and young people with SEN will experience difficulties in their home life. Please follow the links below for further advice.

Challenging Behaviour

Is your child displaying challenging behaviour at home/school? Find out ways you can help them here

Respite & Taking a Break

Find out what care and respite services are available for your child in your area

Help/Support Services

Learn more about what help and support services are on offer in your area


Does your child struggle with sleep? Do they have trouble falling or staying asleep? Find out ways you can help them here

Eating & Drinking

Does your child struggle with their diet? Do they seem to be a 'fussy' eater? Find out more about eating and drinking and SEN here


Is your child bottling up at school and then 'letting go' at home? Find out more about masking and what you can do here

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